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So im the one attacking the Silent Hill tribute project? This guy obviously hasn’t heard of Freedom of the press… and the fact that he sent these harassing “personal” messages to my ask box… Way to represent your Silent Hill project and make it seem like im the one on the attack… I hope this guy can move on, stop wasting his time and focus on the project that others have put a lot of work into.

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"You might be asking why some companies don’t just pay the deed and fix the game. Well, one of the reasons a lot of companies don’t patch their games is due to certification and patching royalty fees, yes, those exist. According to DoubleFine’s Tim Schafer, the average cost per patch can run a publisher about $40,000. For Konami that’s chump change, but they’re not biting. It’s at least good of the company to compensate those who ended up with a broken game that won’t be getting fixed. It’s also very telling when a much smaller company like Atlus wasted no time in helping Arc System Works get a patch out for Persona 4 Arena following its buggy launch this past Tuesday."

William Usher (Journalist for Cinemablend.com)

wow, William Usher, you do bad journalism. And do not understand how the games industry works. Its a lot like the mob.

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Zelda, Boy from the Forest

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Available on RedBubble

LOL WHAT thats link, mf

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Gen IIV Was my fav. Hell yes.))

The map for Gen III was absolutely MASSIVE. The game was also just much bigger, on average. Felt like more of a game. Like they took the space gold/silver used to add the kanto region, made a full map of one region. Sure. Remakes would be grand.

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Artist cronobreaker over at deviantART made these clever and amazing looking stickers that depict a bevy of video game characters and their fictional businesses and products.  He made these as giveaways for a recent gaming exhibition in Melbourne, Australia and was inspired by fellow deviantARTist Winter-artwork designs.

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